Safe Haven

Part two

I am the game changer now.

My own game changer.

I learned it on my own.

What I believe, strongly believe, is that each of us is the puppeteer of his own life. Don’t you agree? Well, guess what? I do not care.

I wanted to change my life. I was eager to do it. So I said to myself: “Fuck it! What do I have to lose?” There was a single answer to that question. A negative, but however, a positive one. Nothing. Nothing to lose.My choice was already made.

I contacted the guys from the Feelings Café and just one hour after sending the e-mail, my phone rang. The owner informed me that I was the lucky one selected.

The writer. Their writer to be.

Life is build with patience. Each brick that you put in the building makes it more stable. I have this metaphor that I strongly believe in. Humans have layers and I am not talking about clothing. It’s about the soul. It’s about the way of being. Each of us comes with a certain luggage. Scars, battles, dreams, love, etc. Memories put in boxes, that from time to time try to invade your present. Ghosts that scare you. Fights that formed you. That luggage is part of yourself. Humans believe in change, but they’re afraid to step out of the crowd. Nowadays, we all tend to hide because we are afraid of others’ opinions. What the fuck? What the actually fuck?

Baby girl, do you want to be the crowd or to stand out from it?

I have always been different from every point of view. Not only that I see the world from a different perspective, but I feel much more. Writers are different. They feel everything. It’s like we have a second core where we store each moment, each feeling, each battle. We’re humans too. This is why you enjoy reading our work. You can relate to this piece of magic.It makes you vibrate. 

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