Safe Haven

Part one

In the middle of nowhere you may find yourself,

Your heart may beat a little bit faster

Your eyes may be amazed by the new light

and your mind, darling,

your mind will find its shelter.

It is time.

Due to our elders perspective, I am almost old and grey. Almost an old woman. Almost 30.

I was right there. In the middle of nowhere. And what I can tell you for sure is that I have never ever felt so safe, so free and so myself before. After many fights, I managed to find myself again. You should know that it wasn’t like this from the beginning. You now want to know my story, right? I assure you, you’ll be bored as fuck. However, if you insist… I shall begin cuz time must not be wasted, dears!

My name is Ada. What I can tell you about myself… Well, I am a complicated human being. I am a writer and I feel more than I should. That’s a writer’s job, right? I like wine maybe a little bit too much, but don’t judge me. You have for sure your own vices too. I am the daughter of an artist. You see my family is full of them, so talent runs in my blood. I got my voice from my dad and my painting skills from my mother. I am blessed, yes. However, I am also cursed, I guess.

There must be a balance. There is always one. Something is given, other is taken and vice-versa. That’s the pattern, that’s the rule.

We are not speaking about patterns now or maybe we are. Who the hell actually knows? The idea is that life is not taught at school. It would be easier for the humankind if given some guideline about how to behave, love, live and suffer in our society.

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