Shall we dance?

Part one

I was standing in front of the window, starring at the waves. There’s something magic about their movement. Magnificent and hypnotizing, I would say. Each wave tries to embrace the others, colliding together.

Photo by Leo Roomets on Unsplash

The waves, you see, tell the stories of all travelers. If you pay attention, you can hear them whispering. Acting very much like a writer, don’t you think? 

My father told me when I was a child that I should read everything that came into my hands. He didn’t let me go out and play with my friends until I didn’t finish the daily to read pages. I saw that as a burden then, but time passing by, I realized it was a blessing. I was the first in the kindergarten that could read. Strange, right? I saw him reading all the time and I didn’t know why he was doing it. Later, I found out by myself. 

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Rose. Glad to meet you, I guess. If you’re here, it means that my story has been heard, so grab a glass of wine end enjoy yourself.

When you want to become a writer, everything becomes deeper. A writer thinks a lot, overthinks much, feels much more than the usual human beings, loves and bleeds a lot. Lots of lot, right? Writing is an act of God, some would say.

As a writer, you practically create a story from nothing. There are dozens of tips and tricks linked to this act, but none of them would work if you didn’t find your own voice. In a world where everyone can write, you’re scared that it has been said before.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. However, for sure it wasn’t said by you. This is a very common fear. I know there is one more: the lack of content, the blank period. We all go through that.

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