I guess I am a little drunk. Drunk with love. Drunk with hatred. Drunk with faith, destiny and serendipity. I need to stay here for a while.
I am not unwilling to move, but to run away. I want to stay in the congested traffic without even thinking of a possible crash. I want to be a sense for my heart.

To get out of the darkness
To stay within the light
To never think of morrow
To never end the fight.

I want to feel the poisonous thick air of the city I barely know. To inhale the history from which I am departed and to give my heart’s remainings  to someone who can discover my demons. Clashes may appear, I know. But stories are not just tellings of yesterday,today and morrow. Stories are the fellings fulfilled with time and patience. Nothing less, nor more. Just a proof that magic still exists.

Just stay close to me. Follow my steps and don’t try to look back. There’s no turning point. One way, one choice and one chance. Carefully, if you’re not paying attention to what comes within the road, you can easily turn into ashes. Ashes, my darling, can be quickly scattered by the fiercely wind and if you’re not a Phoenix, then you cannot reborn.

To be drunk is to build yourself again. I don’t speak of alcohol. I am talking about happiness, dreams and hopes. Sufferings, struggles, vital changes. I, you and we as a whole. Drunk of infinite.

So happy as she might seem
False hopes,true dreams
Having them sealed
From what is called life
With its perks,
Without soul training
Just its work.
She wants to feel the infinite
Never to cross the path beneath
To be forever in your arms
To be a scattered happy heart.

You never thought about who, when and where. You always liked the unpredictability within life. You have always loved the idea of getting drunk. You have always liked to have a cold mug of coffee in the morning and you would always have chosen my smile over anything else. What does make this day so different? I don’t know, but maybe you’re a little too high and you need to learn how to control yourself again. Just give it a try.

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