A heart metamorphosis

Part two

Time is a very tricky thing. It does not wait for you, but it makes you realize the preciousness of moments. I built a castle around my heart. I cleaned up all the mess and threw out all the trash. I locked the memories in some drawers, and I started taking care of me. I built a fortification wall to stop an eventually war, to stop anyone from hurting my soul.

Love was a non-existing word for me. A faux-pas. That was my burden to bear. It was my mistake.

When you believe in something with all your soul, it is a big change to turn 180 degrees around all of the sudden. It’s like you throw a part of yourself out, or like you lock yourself in an inner prison. You just live even if you’re not whole. You start bettering yourself, trying to be the best version without love.

After a while, a man came my way.

Not just an ordinary man, but my man. HE found me. I don’t know how exactly, but he did. It is said that when you expect the least and stop the search, true love finds its way. Like magic. I cannot explain it, but when you meet it, all the waiting and burdens seem worthy. I realized that I wouldn’t change a thing, because every choice that I made, good or bad, led me into his arms. Everything modeled me in a way to be his perfect half as he was modeled himself. A heart metamorphosis.

When you find the right person, all your cells connect. It’s like a beautiful dance for which the partners are perfectly chosen. I can write lots about him, but for the moment, I’ll try to show the core in fewer paragraphs.

You know all what they say: “If you fall in love with a writer you can never die.”

The first time we embraced, I felt I was home. I was meant to be there.He saw in me what he could not ever find in anyone else. He returned my beliefs. I found out that I could love, but in a different manner. Our love transformed me into a better version of myself. I learned how to be myself again and he took me as I had always been some treasure lost for a long time. He became my treasure too. I came to realize that our love has been the most profound, the realest and the sincerest ever.

I knew he was worthy and that he deserved everything. My promises to my father were kept and I felt that he was glad about the man that appeared into my life. He would have considered him his son and would have treated him as such. I guess he knew what he knew.

Do you know what silver linings are? A silver lining is a hopeful prospect in the midst of nowhere. The light at the end of the tunnel. You all know it as hope. If there is something you believe in, fight for it. Don’t you dare give up because at the end of the tunnel, there is for sure a ray of sunshine waiting for you. Make your choices. Good and bad ones too. If you don’t go through hardships, you can never know the taste of the moment. Reality is different and sometimes it is much better than the fairy tales you know by heart.

Find your silver lining and fight.

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